Bliss Morse Letter

Transcribed by Larry Stevens

Excerpt from "The Civil War Diaries And Letters Of Bliss Morse" by Loren J. Morse. The following is part of a letter written by Bliss Morse of the 105th Ohio Infantry to his mother. It is dated Monday 29 August 1864 and his regiment is on the march trying to flank Hood out of Atlanta.
.."As we were marching along our Regt. halted near the road side where "Pappy Thomas" stopped. Our Co. was right beside him. The Gen. looks like some good "old farmer." He wore an Army hat - such an hat as many of the boys think a shocking bad hat, and besides "Pap" was really eating hard bread for dinner. Sherman came along to him and said "Pappy Thomas, do you propose a standing picket here." "O. No! O. No!
Are these your pickets in front? Yes. This is the yarn of no eves dropper or Rumor. But it is so and Maj. Gen. Sherman is less stylish than our Co. Officers in his dress. He is a tall sandy complexioned man - Rides along as if he were in a deep study. Our Brig. and Div. Officers have more tents and luggage than he on this campaign. Well, I have written enough about the Gens. But this one thing I see that it is not all show and dress with the head of the Army." ...

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