East vs. West

Transcribed by Larry Stevens

Excerpt from "The Forty-first Ohio Veteran Volunteer Infantry In The War Of The Rebellion 1861-1865" by Robert L. Kimberly and Ephraim S. Holloway, 1897.
"One of the incidents of this expedition (Brown's Ferry near Chattanooga, Tennessee, 1863) was the meeting for the first time with troops from the East - Hooker's men. What was particularly noticeable about these men was the completeness of their outfit; beside the scantier outfits of the western troops, they looked something like walking museums of buttons and brass plates and ornaments. Some of their furnishings had never been dreamed of by the western soldiers. Everything, too, was fresh and in good condition - a contrast not relished by the men whose campaigns had been over long distances, taking them far from the bases of supplies and compelling the wearing of worn out articles for months at a time. The advantages of campaigning on short lines and near the seat of government was apparent enough in this case."

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