Dastardly Dancing

Transcribed by Larry Stevens

"On April 19, 1862 the Sixty-Ninth Ohio Infantry received orders to report for duty at Nashville, Tennessee, at which place it arrived on the 22d. It went into camp on Major Lewis's grounds, near the city, and was reviewed by Andrew Johnson, then Military Governor of Tennessee. Remaining here until the 1st of May it then went to Franklin, Tennessee, and was there detailed to guard forty miles of the Tennessee and Alabama Railroad. Aside from frequent alarms, nothing of moment occurred while the regiment was performing this duty. The Rebel women of Franklin were especially bitter, and on one occasion evinced their venom against the National dead buried in the cemetery, by dancing on their graves. Colonel Cambell, of the Sixty-Ninth, issued an order commenting in severe terms on this indignity, and warning the people of Franklin against a repetition of such dastardly insults."

From: Ohio In The War Volume Two
By: Whitelaw Reid 1868

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