The 78th Ohio's Ox

Transcribed by Larry Stevens

W.J. Frazier, Co. D, 78th Ohio, Coffeyville, Kansas, tells this one of the old ox that went along with his company in the march to the sea: A short time after leaving Atlanta Nate Jewitt captured "Old Brindle." He was a bobtailed ox, very gentle and proved to be a great help to the boys on the march, as they strapped camp utensils, knapsacks and other traps on his back, and he would patiently trudge along and carry the load wherever the company went. When the boys got tired on the march they would climb on "Old Brindle" and ride into camp.
The most trouble Brindle had was with the Wagon- and Quartermasters. They would send him out on the road, and sometimes he would not reach camp until midnight. But he was always ready for the march next day. After we got thru to Savannah we could take the ox no farther, so we had a feast, and "Old Brindle" furnished the material.-- W.J. Frazier, Co. D, 78th Ohio, Coffeyville, Kansas.

From: The National Tribune Washington D.C. April 21, 1910

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