Awkward Jack and his Chum

Transcribed by Larry Stevens

But these chums who pair off and button tents together do not all dwell together in peace. They have their domestic troubles and fear of punishment stands in the way of frequent scraps. Awkward Jack and his Chum fall out today and but for Raber's interference a scrap would have followed. While on the march and drill, Jack seldom gets his left foot down at the tap of the drum and if there is anything in camp that can be upset or spilled he is there to do the job. Jack and his Chum are about to sit down to a nice supper of fried crackers and long strips of bacon, all done to a turn, when Jack steps on the frying pan handle and all this fine supper is thrown out in the dirt. Jack's Chum now jumps up in a rage and with a vigorous kick he sends the can of hot coffee down the hill and politely informs bystanders that supper is over. Then they square off for action and Raber becomes peacemaker.

Cartoon Supper is Over

From: Footprints Through Dixie. Everyday Life of the Man Under a Musket.
By: J.W. Gaskill. 104th OVI. 1919

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