30th OVI Letter

Transcribed by Larry Stevens

Letter of Sgt. Erasmus J. Allton Co. D 30th Ohio Infantry to his girl, Miss Catharine Shick, who lived at McLuney Station, Perry County, Ohio. The letter is post marked Kanawha C.H. Va. Dec. 14, 1862. At one time in the collection of Larry Stevens.

Camp Ruth Well West Va.

This the 11th day of November 1862

As it has been sometime, Catharine, since I have written to you and I will now try to write you a few lines to let you know how we are getting along this cold and disagreeable weather. The health of myself and Regt. is excellent considering the exposure to which we have been subjected for the last 11 days. We have marched 140 miles in this time for we were out on a scout. We went to Logan Court House a distance of 70 miles we burnt two grist mills and we burnt the town and everything else that would burn. We took about 30 prisoners and killed one man and captured about 50 horses after which we turned back. We were within 23 miles of the line between Kentucky and this state. Some days it rained and some it snowed and we had a very rough time of it but a good time. We took everything that we could get. Honey, chickens, turkeys, butter, and even milked the cows as we passed along. We returned to camp rejoicing like a tribe of indians after a great victory.
We have not got moved into our winter quarters yet for the old Sawmill broke down and we have to repair it so as to get lumber to finish the buildings with. I think we will be all fixed up in a few days if nothing happens none that we know of now. After we have got fixed for the winter some of us will have a chance to go home and I hope that I shall be one of them for I am anxious to see you all again and to pass a few days in Perry County this winter. But I am not certain of this happy privilege for was is very uncertain and we know not what moment we will have to leave this for we are threatened very hard by the rebels for they say they will have this valley, this winter, in their possession. But time will prove all things and we will see again Spring whether they will carry out their threats or not. I hope they will let us rest this winter for we have been through on the fast line for the last 4 or 5 months and we would be very willing to stay in our little tents for 2 or 4 months. I sincerely hope that the war will be at end this winter we are all getting tired of it and be very willing to quit if they will, that is to lay down their arms and return to their peaceful homes but the prospect is dark at the present time.
Catharine, war is a horrible thing. I assure you, no-one has any idea of the horrors of war, until they have seen for themselves Destruction on every side, what the rebels leave, the union troops Destroy, and what the union troops leave, the rebel troops Destroy, and every thing has gone to Destruction.
I am sorry Catharine that some person has made themselves so free as to open my letters, and it would not do for me to find out who the person or persons are if I ever should be permitted to meet them. But I hope that they will not medle with any more of my letters for I wish for no one to read my letters that I write to you but yourself. I will now close my letter for this time hoping that it will reach you unopened and that it will find you well and hearty and free hearted as ever. Write soon and remember me your true hearted lover.

Catharine Shick - E.J.A.

Write soon and direct to me Co D. 30th Regt. O.V.I.
Candleton West Va

Catharine Shick - E.J.A

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